Online Copywriting Ring Binder

The Essential Skill of Copywriting

If you are working online and creating any type of written content, be it web pages, articles, blog posts, emails, you are using copywriting skills whether or not you know it. The question is, are you doing it to the best of your ability? Online copywriting is a bit different than that for printed material […]

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Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Myths

The Truth About These 5 Affiliate Marketing Myths

With so many affiliate marketing myths going around, business people of all types are missing the gold… Believing these affiliate marketing myths are one thing that  keeps many people from making money online. People give a half-hearted effort to one form of marketing, get disappointed that it didn’t work, and then cry out to the […]

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Wohoo – YouTube Ads Checklists!

Yes! Kevin has just launched Vol 15 of the IM Marketing Checklists all about YouTube Advertising. It doesn’t matter what kind of online business you own…. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, product creator, service provider…. You must take advantage of YouTube Advertising! I know, I know –  it’s paid advertising and if you are […]

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The Make Money Online Myth

So, you want to make some money online. You’ve heard it is much easier than a brick and mortar business. Some people have even told you it is so easy, just give us your money and you can click a button and money will start pouring in. It is no joking matter – there are […]

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Five Surefire Ways to Increase Conversions and Sales

If you’re like most online marketers, small business owners, bloggers or other website owners, then you’re always looking for ways to increase your conversions and sales. After all, it’s just smart business to make the most of your traffic. If you can boost your ROI, then you’ll be putting more money in your pocket at […]

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